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China lighting capital Guzhen—A town which light the world

Last Update: 03/29/2018 14:45

Here is a lighting world:


Here, full of history and culture of lighting:


Here is Guzhen------ China lighting capital:


In 2002 ,Guzhen was named "China lighting capital" by light industry union and lighting industry association of China.Shinyland lighting company was founded since 1998 at Guzhen city.We are the leader of lighting in Guzhen when it be known as lighting capital.Our product are sell at everywhere in the world.Such as hongkong,macao,guangzhou,beijing almost all city of china have street light from our company.

In HongKong, Marcao, Canton,Peking etc, almost all over city of China install our street light。



A part of city in Germany, England, Korea, U.S etc, also could see our light.


At present, Shinyland Lighting leading the lighting industry with superior quality and professional service.